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Our story

RENOGENYX is a biotechnology company spin-out from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine that brings together an international consortium of leaders in FSHD research with experts in translational drug development and commercialization. 

Our scientists have expertise in the fields of epigenetics, gene regulation, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology, cell and muscle biology, muscle disease, novel drug discovery and disease diagnostics for rare genetic disorders. 

Our mission is to change the lives of people living with muscular dystrophies through the development of safe and effective treatments.


We do this in deep partnership with patient communities with a focus on patient-led drug development.


Our aim is to bring CRISPR inhibition for FSHD to the clinic and ultimately to patients, utilizing all-in-one therapeutic cassettes that enable the use of epigenetic modulators in AAV-mediated gene therapy. 

Our Story
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